Case Studies

Case Studies


The Citigroup Data Centre Site Management in EMEA commissioned SEQM (Safety, Environment and Quality Management) as a third party company to specialise in compliance and management system related activities.

The Project was initiated to introduce 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 systems to the Citigroup Data Centres in London, Zurich and Frankfurt to support legal compliance by integrating Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental (OSHE) aspects.

SEQM tailored their methodology to Citi's specific requirement and circumstances. The first step was to conduct interviews and documents reviews of the different sites. The SEQM team (Oliver, Julian and Carmel) were extremely professional and efficient in their approach. They conducted one to one interviews, telephone interviews and were able to gather information and documentations that even we did not know existed!

At a large organisation such as the Citigroup it is all about breaking down barriers and allocating roles and responsibilities in order to ensure that everybody knows what they are suppose to do and that they then actually do what they are suppose to do.

SEQM was capable of enthusing and exciting the team and the project gathered excellent momentum and delivery. SEQM submitted a review and gap analysis that spelled out our requirements to achieve 14001:2004 and OSHAS 18001. The report was short and straight to the point and during the project meetings it became quickly apparent that SEQM was able to substantiate any claim, gap or requirement that was made in the report.

#  In my years with Citigroup, I was most impressed with SEQM's approach, thoroughness and professionalism of making things happening within the Citigroup, something which is not easy and required finesse and conviction.

I have no hesitation in recommending SEQM to any financial or large organisation that wishes to introduce Management Systems as they are simply the best in the business.  #

Matt Garnett
Assistant Vice President CTI EMEA

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