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Consultancy: Other Specialist Services

Due Diligence Audits

SEQM conduct reviews of the environmental and occupational health & safety liabilities associated with an organisation or site prior to purchase. The extent of this liability can then be used as a bargaining tool in subsequent negotiations.

Carbon Footprint

Carbon Management has become one of the defining issues of the 21st century, setting the agenda for Governments & organisations alike. At SEQM we provide carbon footprint consultancy, advising how best to implement a robust carbon management strategy by conducting a carbon footprint assessment, including consideration of upstream and downstream supply chains. We then explore how to use this information to identify, prioritise and implement appropriate actions to reduce the carbon impact of the organisation.

Resource Efficiency

We conduct Resource Efficiency reviews of organisations in order identify opportunities to reduce Carbon Emission, minimise waste and achieve significant cost reductions.

Registers of Legislation

A Register of Legislation is a written record of the legislation (and usually Codes of Practice) applicable to a client's activities, processes or services. SEQM has provided Registers of Legislation for companies from a wide range of sectors. We summarise obligations of compliance by considering our client's background and core business activities in the light of applicable legislative requirements, leading to the compilation and maintenance of relevant legislation and documentation.

Housing Associations

All our consultancy services are relevant to social housing providers. However, we have additionally created an Environmental Best Practice Group (EBPG) to help providers lessen environmental impacts, reduce costs and more effectively engage the community. Membership of the EBPG enables landlords to identify and tackle environmental issues arising from the management, provision and maintenance of housing stock. For more information please see our article written for The Environmentalist and also our Terms of Reference.