Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


In these Terms and Conditions 'The Company' refers to SEQM Limited. Contact details of The Company are as given on this site.

All goods and services supplied by The Company are provided in good faith and in the opinion of The Company as fit for purpose. Any claim to the contrary will be considered fairly by The Company. Any legal dispute shall be decided according to the law of England.

Liability of The Company to any customer or client shall be limited to the cost of the goods or services provided which are deemed to be deficient. In no circumstances shall The Company be held liable for consequential loss or damage caused by any alleged deficiency in the goods or services which it provides.

All material published or provided by The Company is copyright and may not be copied re-transmitted or re-used in any form without the express written permission of The Company or under the terms of a Licence.

Goods and services purchased from SEQM are subject to our refund policy. If printed material is returned in saleable condition or online course material has not been accessed then The Company will make a refund on request within a period of fourteen days from the order date of the material. The method of repayment shall be at The Company's discretion. This does not affect the customer or client's statutory rights.

Acceptable Use of Web Sites

Web sites provided under the domain 'SEQM.com' and under any other domain which is the responsibility of The Company may only be used for the purpose of information and for the purpose of training when such purpose is specifically designated on the sites.

Any online training made available through these sites is for the personal use of the person purchasing the course. Such a purchase does not convey ownership of or any rights whatsoever in the material.

If The Company has evidence such as server logs showing that online training material has been used in a manner contrary to these terms and conditions then The Company shall have the right to prevent further access by the transgressor to to all training material and shall not be under any obligation to provide financial compensation for this withdrawal.

All material provided on web sites by The Company is subject to the copyright restrictions under 'General' above.

Any use of a web site provided by The Company in an illegal manner will result in The Company prosecuting the party responsible to the full extent of the law.