Training sessionFor over a decade, SEQM has provided leading edge training in more than fifty countries across five continents, to some of the world's most successful national and multinational organisations.

Our unique approach has given SEQM an international reputation for training excellence, demonstrated by a list of clients that includes names like Shell, LG, Samsung and Elf.

The SEQM Approach

The SEQM approach to training is based on two key principles: enjoyment and effective delivery. Our experience of training over 10,000 delegates worldwide has reinforced the importance and effectiveness of this approach.

SEQM training courses are geared towards the encouragement of delegate participation, through presentations, team-based exercises, quizzes and feedback sessions. We believe that 'training' should be just that: effective education through active participation.

SEQM courses are broadly based around Environmental, Quality and Health & Safety subject areas and accreditation for some courses comes from IRCA. However, we also excel in designing and tailoring individual courses to meet the individual training needs of an audience and the broader needs of an organisation.

Completion of an SEQM training course does not simply mean a certificate. Delegates can expect to come away from an SEQM course with the practically applicable knowledge and skills through which they can achieve personal and corporate success.

Continual Improvement

Despite the pride we have in our training services, we are aware that the only way to deliver the very best is to strive for continual improvement. At SEQM we take client feedback very seriously and it forms an integral part of our course development process, allowing us to better engage delegates and enhance the learning process. The development of any new product is governed by the requirements of our quality management system, which is externally certified to the ISO 9001:2015 specification.

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